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Dr. Levy discussing on CBS news the new program at BWH to help long COVID Patients.

Panel discussion on long COVID – what we know and future perspectives – European Respiratory Society

Science Immunology Showcase

Drs. Bruce Levy and Nandini Krishnamoorthy dive into the challenges of treating asthma, and discuss new findings in asthma research that may open the door to more effective treatment possibilities. Check out our recently published paper in Science Immunology.

Labs work published in Frontiers in Immunology featured in the BWH newsletter

Resolution of Inflammation – American Thoracic Society Podcast by Dr. Bruce Levy and Dr. Raja-Elie Abdulnour

Congratulations to Dr. Luciana Tavares for winning the ScientistA Award Honorable Mention

“Resolving Inflammation” in Harvard Magazine featuring Dr. Bruce Levy on a discussion of the role of inflammation, resolvins and protectins in COVID-19

BDLevy Lab’s work featured in CIBR in The New England Journal of Medicine titled “Balancing the Effect of Leukotrienes in Asthma”

Congratulations to Dr. Luciana Tavares for being awarded the “E-merging Young Scientist Award” at III Workshop On Inflammation!

Dr. Bruce Levy featured at the American Thoracic Society News “New Ways to Look at Medical Problems and Medical Education”

Our manuscript titled, “Inflammation resolution circuits are uncoupled in acute sepsis and correlate with clinical severity” published at JCI Insight. Check out our graphical abstract.

Congratulations to our lab member, Dr. Lauren Frazer for being awarded the prestigious 2020 AAP neonatal Marshall Klauss Research Award

Dr. Levy presenting at Harvard Medical School Grand Rounds on Post Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC) – Evolution to Endemicity

Dr. Levy joins Jim Braude from Greater Boston to discuss the national collaborative study on long COVID.

Check out this podcast from “Follow The Science” titled “Cracking the Mystery of Long Covid” with Faye Flam and Dr. Levy.

Interview with Dr. Levy on the loss of inflammatory breaking signals in the lung of patients with asthma.

Dr. Levy speaking with the Boston Globe about a new national collaborative study on long COVID.

Dr. Bruce Levy on CNN with John King

A Lung Specialist on “Long-Hauler COVID”: Q&A with Dr. Bruce Levy

A Breath of Fresh Air for Severe Asthma Research – Dr. Bruce Levy and Dr. Melody Duvall

BDLevy lab’s work in sepsis featured in a perspective article in Nature Biomedical Engineering

Congratulations to our lab member, Dr. Luciana Tavares for being named a 2020 Pew Latin American Fellow

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